Database Search Utility

You can search by name, batch or country by entering the keywords into the appropriate search boxes below. A minimum of two letters is needed to trigger the name search while three numbers (corresponding to the year) are needed to trigger the batch search. Country search is accomplished by selecting one on the drop-down box.

You can type in the first name, middle name, maiden name or surname into the appropriate box. This can be a partial search word; for instance, typing "SAN" will yield results with these three letters present such as Santos, delos Santos, Santiago, Susan, etc. All three name fields are searched for matches and the results are displayed.

Countries displayed are only those with registered members. The number of registrants appears in parenthesis beside the country name in the list.

There is no need to press a SUBMIT or ENTER key. The search results will update as you type. Depending on your connection, this may be instantaneous or might take a few seconds to update.

Only the name, batch and country of the member is displayed. Private messaging is not yet enabled.

NOTE: If you registered before April 1, 2010 and did not provide a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, your record will appear at the second part of the search listing below the main search results. The records of registrants which did not provide a valid email address were categorized as UNVERIFIABLE RECORDS. We will provide for a verification mechanism shortly for these records. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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