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Quezonians are scattered all over the world. In the last decade, communication between two MLQHS alumni entailed considerable cost; more so for group interaction. Today, thanks to the easy access to the Internet, linking an graduate in Manila to a classmate residing in Mexico involves just a few mouse clicks.

The MLQHS Alumni Foundation guestbook has, over the years, served as the de facto forum for graduates of MLQHS. Because of this, the importance of this section of the website cannot be over-stressed. The guestbook, next to the main page and photo and video galleries, is the most visited section of this website.

Remember that when you post a message, it is potentially viewed over one thousand times a day by visitors from all over the world; not exclusively MLQHS alumni. Keep your comments within the realm of proper, polite and wholesome language. Advertising and solicitations are strictly prohibited. Improper postings will be deleted and offenders may be banned. (Refer to our FAQ - link below)

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