Welcome to our guestbook

Quezonians are scattered all over the world. In the last decade, communication between two MLQHS alumni entailed considerable cost; more so for group interaction. Today, thanks to the easy access to the Internet, linking an graduate in Manila to a classmate residing in Mexico involves just a few mouse clicks.

Below is a listing of links to various websites and e-groups of MLQHS alumni on the internet. These sites and groups are maintained and operated by their respective administrators. The MLQHS Alumi Foundation, Inc. has no control or influence, de facto or de jure, over these sites/groups.

The Foundation maintains this listing solely for the benefit of Quezonians wanting to connect directly with their batches. The Foundation is not, in any way, attesting to the authenticity of the links as they are provided; nor is it endorsing the activities or operations of these sites or groups.

If you want to add your website to the list, send us an email through the contact form. Note that we will verify the existence of submitted links before they are added to the list. We also encourage you to report bad or inoperable links, sites which have misrepresented themselves or are engaged in unacceptable/illegal activity; and we will remove these links immediately.

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Quezonians' Websites

Sites accepted in this list are website pages featuring group/batch alumni activities/events; including, but not limited to, Facebook, Myspace, Multiply, etc. Individual/private webpages are not acceptable; we will provide an area for this in the future.

Quezonians' Online Groups

Accpeted in this listing are online news or discussion groups - such as Yahoo e-groups, Google groups or other private online forums whose membership is limited to MLQHS alumni. NOTE: Since these are private groups, we can only verify their actual existence and not their authenticity. Please help us weed out fake group listings.

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