Testimonial: Thank you letter from Ruby Ann Pajarillaga

My greetings!

I wanted to express my warmest gratitude to every members of Manuel Luis Quezon Alumni Foundation for chosen me as one of the scholars for Batch 2004 graduates. The support you had given me all throughout my college years, helped me lightened my financial burdened which allowed me to focus more on my study. My family was also thankful to the foundation. With the scholarship I have received, it motivated me to be a responsible student, and do all that I can to maintain having a good record in school. Our God, my family, loved-ones and MLQHS foundations have been my inspirations why I finished my course and become a better person now.

I have got my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing last March 2009 at Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing institution. After my graduation, I immediately attended review classes to take the licensure examination for nurses for June 2009. And again, I am so thankful because I have passed the board examination. Yes, I am already a licensed nurse and this is one of the blessings God given me, with my family, and of course, MLQHS Alumni foundation's support. I know that we are all aware that finding a nursing job today is not easy, and because of this I am in-lined with other field. I am working now as a Medical Representative in Makati. And because of my unceasing prayer to God, I am also accepted as a volunteer nurse in one of the primary centers in Makati every weekend. And as a volunteer nurse, they don't give me any compensation for my work. I need to do this to have experience as a nurse. If I will follow my heart's desire, I will choose to be a full time volunteer nurse, but because my mother needs my help financially, I need to have a work and be a volunteer nurse at the same time. My mother is the only one earning for us and as her eldest child, I need to be at her side to help her and my brother and sister. I have plan for my future, for myself and for my family. I am planning to have at least one year experience as a nurse here in Philippines, thought it is only a volunteer work. And after a year I will enroll in Overseas Nursing Program (an adaptation nursing in United Kingdom). I will be trained for 3- 6 months in UK to become a Registered Nurse there. I am also attending my review session in IETLS (an English exam which is one of the requirements). I'm attending it every time I have spare time in my work as a Medical Representative and being a volunteer nurse. Hopefully I can achieve this plan after a year. Please pray for me.

Again, I am deeply thankful for Manuel Luis Alumni Foundation. Thank you for the generosity. Thank you for your willingness to help me become a professional nurse. Thank you for become one o my inspirations. I promise to this foundation that I will work hard and I am determined to achieve all my goals in life. And as I achieved my dreams, I promise that in return to the goodness this foundation have shown me, I will also give support to those deserving MLQHS student. I have lot things to do to achieve my goals, but one thing is for sure, I will achieved all of it in God's time.

Respectfully yours,

Ruby Ann Pajarillaga
MLQHS Batch '04

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