Scholarship Program: Policies & Guidelines

The program shall be implemented and administered under the following policies and guidelines:

1. Qualifications for Scholarship Grants: All applicants must possess the following qualifications to be eligible for a scholarship grant under the Program:

  • 1.1 He/she must be a certified candidate for graduation in the current school year and must belong to the top 5% of the graduating class. The MLQHS administration will provide the Foundation with their application.
  • 1.2 He/she must be a recipient of a full academic scholarship in any three- or four-year course from any state college or university. A certification to this effect issued by the authorized official of the state college or university must be submitted with the application for scholarship.
  • 1.3 He/she must undergo an interview with the Scholarship Committee regarding his actual economic status who may conduct additional appropriate background investigation if needed.
  • 1.4 He/she must be single and of good moral character.
  • 1.5 He/she must be willing to voluntarily execute an undertaking to pay back the Foundation at least fifty percent (50%) of the total monetary support granted him/her throughout his/her college studies after he/she has graduated and has secured gainful and stable employment unless he/she is obliged to send younger siblings to college, but will pay back after the said siblings finish their courses.

2. Benefits from and limitations to Scholarship Grants: All Foundation scholars shall be entitled to the following benefits, subject to limitations as likewise enumerated:

  • 2.1 The Foundation shall provide each scholar with a fixed stipend of P1,000.00 per month throughout the entire ten-month school year for every year of his/her three- or four-year (maximum) collegiate course.
  • 2.2 The Foundation shall guarantee the scholar preferential consideration in its job placement programs, if any, in the future. In addition, the Foundation shall do its best to assist the scholars’ on-the-job training placements.
  • 2.3 The monetary support shall be maintained by the Foundation only as long as the scholar:
    • a. Maintains his/her academic scholarship in the state college or university with a grade of 2.5 or better GWA (General Weighted Average);
      • a.1 Below 2.5 – first offense places a scholar under probation.
      • a.2 Second offense merits a disqualification and termination of privileges.
    • b. maintains a regular load every semester in accordance with the course curriculum he/she is enrolled in; and,
    • c. does not have a failing grade in any of his/her subjects.
  • 2.4 Every scholar is expected to uphold good a moral character. The monetary support granted each scholar shall automatically cease in the event he/she is found guilty of any violations of the code of conduct and discipline of the college or university he/she is enrolled in; or is, otherwise, convicted of any crime or misdemeanor by the courts or other quasi-judicial bodies.
  • 2.5 The Scholarship Grant shall be subject to revalidation every semester of the year. Each scholar is required to submit to the Committee certified copies of a) the complete curriculum for the course he/she will take and b) his/her confirmed enrolment papers. Thereafter, before the start of each semester, each scholar shall submit certified copies of a) his/her complete class cards, with corresponding grades, for the previous semester and b) his/her confirmed enrolment papers for the next semester. The Committee shall commence or continue the release of the monetary grant only after its validation of the documents presented by the scholar to support his/her claim for support.
  • 2.6 Every scholar who has satisfactorily completed at least fifty percent (50%) of his/her course with the monetary support of the Foundation is required to pay back at least fifty percent (50%) of the said amount spent by the Foundation after he/she has graduated and has secured a stable and gainful employment. However, if a scholar discontinues his/her college studies altogether, even after completing half of his/her original course, he/she shall be exempt from this requirement. On the other hand, if a scholar loses his/her academic scholarship or otherwise fails to comply with any of the requirements prescribed herein, after completing one-half of his/her course but is later found and verified to have enrolled in another college or university, whether in continuation of the same course or to take up another, he/she shall still be liable to pay back the Foundation fifty percent (50%) of the total amount spent on him/her. Every scholar shall be required to execute an undertaking to this effect.
  • 2.7 Every scholar shall be required to assist the Foundation in promoting and advertising the Program. He/she must make himself/herself available, at all reasonable times and occasions, to lend testimonial and/or physical support in any of the Foundation’s activities in connection with the Program.

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