Scholarship Program


It is a sad reality that many graduates of the public school system, not only in Manila but also all over the country, do not proceed to college – not because they choose not to, but because they cannot afford the ever-increasing cost of higher education. Most public high school students come from families in the low-income bracket and they need the foundation’s help.

Many bright, intelligent high school graduates, full of dreams and ambitions, alive with vigor and energy at the start, are forced to stop studying and end up facing an uncertain and bleak future simply on account of their unfortunate economic difficulties. There are too many of such untapped potentials, of unrealized dreams, of wasted talents, of lives unnecessarily frittered away that a viable means of providing these intelligent and ambitious graduates opportunities to pursue their college education has become an urgent need.

It is against this dire backdrop, and as a fulfillment of its mission to actively contribute towards the promotion of the welfare and well-being of the students and graduates of the Manuel Luis Quezon (Public) High School (MLQHS) – and in preparing them to be productive, law abiding citizens in the future – that the MLQHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. (MLQHSAFI) hereby launches the MLQHSAFI COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.


The program is a sustained and long-range medium where in the Foundation commits to help financially deficient but intellectually gifted graduates of MLQHS in pursuit of college degrees and in eventually realizing their dreams and aspirations through the grant of specified monetary support throughout their college education.

The program, which shall be managed and supervised by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, through its Scholarship Committee, in coordination with the administration of MLQHS, is the product of the combined resources and concerted efforts of members thereof – as well as various benevolent sponsors – who all believe in the potential of MLQHS graduates for success. It is one vehicle whereby the goodwill and gratefulness of MLQHS alumni towards their beloved alma mater is expressed in tangible terms. It is the translation of their hopes and expectations that the deserving MLQHS graduates will be able to follow their path to success and to someday take from them the daunting task of perpetuating this program.

Foundation officials pose with the 2010 scholars during a testimonial dinner in their honor held at the Crown Prince Restaurant (Escolta, Manila) on Friday, May 21, 2010.


The Committee shall be composed of a Chairman and four (4) members. The Chairman shall be an incumbent member of the Board of Trustees, while the members may be appointed by the Chairman, subject to the approval and confirmation of the board, from among the general membership of the Foundation, including the incumbent Trustees. Should the MLQHS administration, through its principal, so desire, it may appoint a maximum of two (2) persons from its ranks as members of the Committee shall be co-terminus with that of the appointing Board of Trustees while that of the members representing MLQHS shall be subject to the discretion of the MLQHS administration. As a collegial body, the Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • 1. Accept and evaluate all applications for scholarship and submit the same to the Board for approval of its recommendations for scholarship grants;
  • 2. Process and release the specified monetary support to each Foundation scholar on the stipulated dates
  • 3. Monitor regularly the performance of all scholars in their selected courses and make recommendations to the Board for the retention or discontinuation of scholarships after every school term;
  • 4. Continuously review the Program and the policies, guidelines, rules and regulations governing the same and make recommendations to the Board, whenever warranted, for the amendment or revision thereof; and,
  • 5. Promulgate its internal operating rules and procedures, subject to the approval of the board.


Chairman: Butch Entice ('83)

  • Teresita D. Garcia ('64)
  • Luz L. Montoya ('61)
  • Jaime Amposta ('67)
  • Digna L. Cinco ('60)
Adviser: Antonio Pajaro ('68)

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Policies and Guidelines

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