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The MLQHS Alumni Foundation lobbied for the successful passage of a Manila City Ordinance which expropriated and converted a public land with an area of about 800 sq.m. situated along Cavite Street from Tindalo to Jose Abad Santos Streets, 2nd district of Manila for the exclusive use as school site of the Manuel L. Quezon High School.

The Foundation continues to lobby for the completion of the aforementioned school building; the construction of which currently in progress.

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The Foundation has, and continues to, provide for the alma mater, Manuel Luis Quezon (Public) High School, support in terms of equipment and incentives to help the school administration improve the quality of education it provides. To wit:

  • • A donation of a full complement of brass musical instruments to the school which led to the formation of MLQHS’s first brass band. The continued maintenance of the band was ensured by funding the trainor’s monthly salary as well. This was a private grant from a couple of MLQHS alumni who coursed the donation through the Foundation.
  • • Donation of books and utility items - such as hot and cold water dispensers, electric fans, Venetian blinds, gas range and oven for the H.E. department, prizes for the school-held contests and notable weeks of celebration, computer equipment, peripherals and supplies, etc. - which has greatly upgraded the schools capabilities.
  • • The donation of a brass name signage of the school and its installation at the building’s main façade.
  • • Annual donation of trophies, medals or cash incentives for the students' many activities and contests; especially the annual commencement exercises.
  • • Financial support provided for MLQHS students participating in local, regional or national conferences and competitions.

The establishment of web presence through the creation of the official MLQHS Alumni Foundation website ( around 2004. The website, following a period of inactivity, was subsequently reorganized in 2006. Today remains to be the only website officially operated and sanctioned by the MLQHS Alumni Foundation, Inc..

The institutionalization of a continuing scholarship program for deserving MLQHS graduates.

Current Officers

The current set of officers of the MLQHS Alumni Foundation Inc. was formally inducted on February 25, 2009 at the Savory Restaurant in Escolta, Manila. Inducting officer and guest of honor was Hon. Rolan M. Valeriano, Councilor (1st District, Manila).

Sworn into office were Butch Entice ('83) as President; Rey Ignacio Diaz ('70) as VP-Internal; Rebecca Tolentino ('83) as VP-External; Camela Abad ('83) as Secretary; Luz Lotino Montoya ('61) as Treasurer; Emeriza Borja ('72) as Auditor; and, Julito de la Cruz ('84) as P.R.O. Along with the new set of officers, the eight members of the Board of Directors, likewise, officially began their terms: Aurora Tolentino ('64), Jaime Amposta ('67), Yolly A. Garduque ('69), Mario Bunag ('70), Raquel Luciano ('83), Beth Mercado ('83), Rizaldy Caugma ('83) and James Reyes ('84).

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Hon. Rolan Valeriano (City Councilor, 1st District, Manila) and Outgoing MLQHS Alumni Foundation President Manny Santos (seated 3rd and 2nd from left, respectively) pose with the incoming foundation officers, headed by President Butch Entice (seated 4th from left), following their formal induction on February 25, 2009 at the Savory Restaurant in Ermita, Manila.

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