Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can anybody post messages?

Yes. The MLQHS Alumni Foundation guestbook is an open guestbook. Any visitor - even if he/she is not an alumnus of MLQHS - can view and post messages. For this reason, keep messages clean and wholesome as it reflects upon Quezonians.

Do I have to be registered member to use the guestbook?

No. Registration is not a pre-requisite in using the guestbook. The members' database is maintained for the purpose of identifying and communicating with alumni; it is not a requirement for the use of any of the website's features/sections.

What information is collected when I post a message?

Aside from your name, email and message, which you supply, your IP address and a date/time stamp is collected and appended to your entry. This additional information is collected to ensure that every message can be tracked down to a specific user.

What is an IP Address?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical label attached to devices participating in a computer network. This is similar to a telephone number or a home address which identifies a specific location or user. By combining a recorded IP address with a date/time stamp, a specific device or user can be identified.

Can I advertise on the guestbook?

You may not post messages advertising services or offers of a commercial nature. However, announcements of non-profit ventures or MLQHS alumni related activities may be allowed. If you wish to advertise your products or services on the website, contact the administrator for details.

What are considered as inappropriate messages?

Generally, any language or idea which you may find offensive is inappropriate for posting. This include, but are not limited to, foul language, topics related to sex, political views, religious beliefs, crime or unlawful acts, confrontational or accusatory language, etc.

Visitors to the site encompass a wide age group; not to mention, nationalities and social stature. What may be acceptable to young people, whose ages range from 21 - 30 years, may be completely taboo to older age groups.

Can I report inappropriate messages?

Yes. We encourage our visitors to be active in policing not just the guestbook but other interactive sections of the site. It is the duty of every Quezonian to see to it that the alma mater maintains a clean reputation.

At the bottom of each message post, a link to "Flag" the message can be found. Click on it and follow the instructions on the subsequent page to report inappropriate messages.

How are inappropriate messages dealt with?

If a message is deemed as inappropriate, it will be deleted from the guestbook immediately and a warning will be emailed to the person who posted the message. Habitual violators may be banned completely from using the guestbook.

I keep getting unsolicited email from someone using the "Reply" link, what can I do?

Constant unsolicited emails may constitute electronic harassment or stalking and may have legal implications in your jurisdiction. The emails do not have to be sexual or threatening in nature. Keep a record of the emails for use as possible prosecutory evidence. Messages routed through the MLQHSAFI website bear security and identifying features to aid website administrators and/or law enforcers determine the origin of such emails.

Can I use an alias?

Generally, the use of aliases are discouraged. Their use may be acceptable, though, if:

  • - you are widely known in the community by the alias;
  • - your alias does not have meanings which may be offensive to others (double entendre); or,
  • - the alias is not a group name (ex., e-group or batch year)

Aliases tend to preclude accountability and may tend to mislead casual visitors to the site. This is why their use is discouraged.

Can I use any email address?

Ideally, you must supply your own personal email address; or a work email address which you have control over. Your email address will NEVER appear on the website.

Group email addresses (ex., Yahoo or Google groups) are not allowed. As with the use of aliases, the use of group email addresses prevents the site administrators from pinpointing accountability.

Can I post messages from emails or other forms?

Absolutely not. Laws governing privacy in electronic communications around the world (i.e., Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, USA) prohibit this act. You may not post the contents of an email without the consent of the person who originated the message. On the other hand, re-posting messages on other forums is not allowable under any circumstance (please see our Terms of Use). Violations of this nature may have legal ramifications.

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