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This document declares the undertakings by the Manuel Luis Quezon High School Alumni Foundation, Inc., hereinafter referred to as MLQHSAFI, in relation to its handling of your personal information.

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MLQHSAFI declares that its undertakings in these Terms are intended to create legal obligations, and that those obligations are intended to be enforceable under appropriate laws in appropriate jurisdictions. These include laws relating to data protection, privacy, fair trading, corporations and criminal laws.

You undertake to seek enforcement only in a jurisdiction that is relevant to the transactions that have taken place between You and MLQHSAFI, in particular the jurisdiction in which you live or in which you performed the relevant acts, and the jurisdiction in which MLQHSAFI is domiciled or performed the relevant acts.

If you wish to discover the relevant laws in any particular jurisdiction, MLQHSAFI draws your attention to the following resources:

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Changes to These Privacy Undertakings

MLQHSAFI undertakes:

  • • not to materially change these Terms in a manner that reduces the protections for Your Data;
  • • to take all possible steps to prevent any company that acquires this company or any of its relevant assets from materially changing the Terms applicable to Your Data in a manner that reduces the protections for Your Data;
  • • where it is considering making changes to these Terms, or creating more specific Terms relating to specific services, to consult with appropriate representative and advocacy organisations;
  • • where it makes changes to these Terms, to ensure that the differences between successive versions are readily accessible; and,
  • • to maintain all prior versions of these Terms in such a manner that they are dated, and readily accessible.

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MLQHSAFI means Manuel Luis Quezon High School Alumni Foundation, Incorporated.

identifier such as your name or customer number. In particular, it encompasses all data that MLQHSAFI is capable of correlating with you, using such means as server-logs and cookie-contents.

Your Data does not refer to data that can no longer be associated with you. This includes aggregated data that does not and cannot identify the individuals whose data are included in the aggregation.

Consent means your concurrence with an action to be taken by MLQHSAFI. Consent may be express or implicit, but in either case must be informed and freely-given.

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