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Profile photos enable your classmates to see you as you are today. However, due to space and cost limitations, you must conform to certain specifications to successfully upload your photo to the website. Only one profile photo may be uploaded each time. You may, however, change this as often as you like.

Only JPEG and GIF picture file types are acceptable as profile pictures. Passport ID type photos are preferred since the available display space is limited and pre-defined. Photo files must not exceed 50kB (50,000 kilobytes) in size.

The holder for your profile picture is 150 pixels square (150x150). Uploaded photos larger than this are conformed to this size while those smaller than the defined dimensions are left “as is”. Therefore, it is better to submit a photo of a larger dimension; while keeping to the type and file size requirements of the website.

It is recommended that you “pre-format” your profile picture before uploading. An easy to use free image manipulation software, Irfanview, is best suited for this task. You can download Irfanview here.

Pre-formatting your profile photo using Irfanview

Launch the program and open your desired photo. Create a frame around the area you want your profile photo to be by clicking on one corner then dragging the pointer to the diagonal opposite corner (see Fig. 1); keeping the frame as square as possible.

When satisfied with your framing, release the mouse then select Edit>Crop selection (or Ctrl-Y) as shown below (Fig. 2). Save your photo as a new file. It is now ready for uploading as your profile photo.

Reducing image filesize using Irfanview


In the JPEG/GIF save options dialog, uncheck all boxes and set the Save quality slider to 80 (see Fig. 3 at right). In most cases, this will result in a 10:1 reduction in file size with no visible change in image quality.


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