Apeng Joins Abring and Flor

Report by Engr. Tony Pajaro ('68)

To Class 68,

Just as I was emailing the details of Flor's demise, Boy Dizon called to break another sad news ~ Renato "Apeng" Gabriel figured in a freak motorbike accident that killed him at around 7 of the night of June 1st, same day Abring passed away.

A driverless car parked in the steep-sloped roadway in Deparo where Apeng resides, disengaged from its engine-braked mode, rolled downhill, crashed to another parked tricycle which in turn hit Apeng already straddled to his bike poised to start ignition.

His remains will be brought later tonight, June 3, to the multi-purpose hall of Villa Maria in Deparo, Novaliches. No interment details have been firmed up yet, according to a grand daughter I have talked to a while ago.

Apeng, a retired Q.C. police officer is survived by wife Lorie, who is still in the U.S. as of this moment; children Lorena, Lawrence and Lorraine; and 4 grandchildren.

What a week of Grief & Gloom it has been for all of us! May I again request everybody to offer a prayer for God's peace and comfort for all the loved ones of our beloved fallen comrades.


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