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Gold, in heraldic terms, was considered as the noblest color. It exceeds all others in value, purity and finesse. It represents the light of the sun and was once only borne by princes. It is said to gladden one’s heart and destroy all magic. It signifies excellence and achievement.

To mark one’s 50th anniversary is by no means a small feat. It is a significant milestone that should rightfully be celebrated. It is an opportunity to acknowledge one's achievements with the necessary hindsight, while at the same time formulating visions for the future.

“Paglingon sa pinagmulan, pagtanaw sa paroroonan,” a mantra that we, at the Alumni Foundation have taken to heart, finds even greater significance on this auspicious occasion. As we acknowledge our individual achievements, we come to realize that we owe it all to the institution that has nurtured and guided us towards our goals. We are grateful.

On behalf of the MLQHS Alumni Foundation, it is my distinct honor, to congratulate the men and women of the Manuel L. Quezon High School; most especially our teachers. They who have drilled and trained us, scolded and cajoled us, castigated and sympathized with us, sowed the seeds of the plant wherefrom now we enjoy the fruits. “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” (Aristotle)

Emmanuel A. Santos
President & Chairman of the Board
MLQHS Alumni Foundation, Inc.


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